What are the challenges facing Jasper County Schools?

As part of the effort to address building and educational program needs, the District completed an evaluation to assess both the maintenance and educational improvements needed to ensure its buildings are safe, but also effectively support student learning. The study identified a number of necessary improvements, in particular at Ste. Marie Elementary School.

Extensive improvements and repairs were identified at Ste. Marie Elementary School in order to comply with State Health and Life Safety requirements. In addition, a number of improvements were recommended to optimize the educational environments to support the teaching and learning of today. Other concerns with this school include the need to update security measures, the distance from town, and the challenges the location poses for first responders in the event of an emergency. Newton Elementary School also needs repairs, though not nearly as extensive or expensive as Ste. Marie Elementary School.


The current schools do not adequately support the teaching and learning of today. A number of improvements are needed to optimize learning environments for Jasper County School District students.


The facilities assessment identified a number of needed upgrades to security measures at each of the Jasper County Schools. These improvements are a top priority to ensure the safety of our students.


The extensive improvements needed at Ste. Marie Elementary School, in addition to the upgrades needed at the other District facilities are costly. After extensive study, the District has determined that it would not be financially beneficial to repair Ste. Marie’s and complete repairs on the other facilities.