Transportation Guidelines

Transportation Guidelines

New for 2017-2018

  • Students will be permitted to have an alternate pickup and drop-off location beside their primary pickup and drop-off location. (Primary location: Students place of residence, home address)

  • Before and during registration Parents/Guardians must notify the Transportation department of their child’s pickup and drop-off alternate location. All previous Transportation changes on file will be deleted before the start of school.

  • Once the primary and the alternate locations have been established they may not be changed for the year. Exceptions, would be a change of the primary address (move), or a change of daycare. Changes must be made seven days in advance.

  • Notify the transportation Office on Monday (or the first day of the week) by 1:00 PM to where the student will be picked up or dropped off for the week. Changes after 1:00 will not be granted, unless it is an emergency.

  • Students may be picked up and dropped off at either or both locations during the week. If using both locations a schedule must be provided.

  • All Transportation changes must be made via Transportation office-call the Transportation office, not the school for bus changes.

  • Once the pickup and drop-off schedule has been called in for the week, no changes will be allowed for that week unless there is an emergency situation.

  • If there are no changes in your child’s transportation, there is no need to call the transportation office. (Example: #1 On and off at home until further notice, Example: #2 On and off at daycare until further notice, Example: #3 On at home off at daycare until further notice)

  • If your child needs to be a walker or a parent pickup, this can be changed whenever needed.

  • You must contact the school your child attends by 1:00 PM that day if your child needs to be a walker or parent pickup. Changes after 1:00 PM will not be granted unless it is an emergency.

  • Students may be picked up anytime at schools.

  • Transportation for non-school activities (i.e. sleep overs) are parent’s responsibility-no transportation changes will be made to accommodate non-school activities.