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Mentoring Program

Our Mission

The JCCU #1 Mentoring Program will strengthen social, emotional, and academic support for identified students in the district by connecting them with positive, respectful, and caring adults in the community.

Our Goals
  • Foster positive relationships between students and mentors that inspire students to make healthy choices.
  • Recruit, train, support, and retain qualified community members as mentors.
  • Support parents through relationships, as well as educational opportunities and resources.

The Mentor's Role

A mentor is a special friend for a child or teen to spend time with, laugh with, and talk to at school. You are in no way expected to act as a counselor or adviser. We hope you have fun and enjoy your time with your mentee! We know they are glad to have you as their friend!

The Mentoring Process

Towards the beginning of the school year, we will host an event for mentors and mentees to meet. After that, mentors are asked to visit with their mentee approximately once a week during a free period at school, such as lunch or study hall. We will have an area designated at each school for you to meet with the student. The times and locations will vary, depending on which school your student attends. Younger children might enjoy simply flying a kite, playing a game, reading a book together, or playing outside. Older students might benefit from talking over lunch, sharing music of interest, or attending the student's extracurricular event. You will check in at the school office when you arrive, then be directed to the area.

Would you like to sign up?

If you would like more information about becoming a mentor, please email or call any JCCU #1 school. A training session, background check, and application will be required.

Download the Mentoring Program Brochure (PDF)