Jasper County Schools

AM School Bus Drop Off Procedures at NE, JCJH, NCHS, and SME:

Newton Elementary
  1. All School Buses drop off on the North side of the school on the playground. Vehicles/parents, please do not drop off on this side of the school for safety reasons.
  2. All vehicles/parents can drop off on Maxwell Street. This is the South side of the school by the flag pole.

Jasper County Junior High/Newton Community High School
  1. All vehicles may drop off all Junior High and High School students on West End Avenue, or in the circle drive of the High School. Please do not drop them off in the middle of West End Avenue. Please pull over to the curb before you let your student out of the car.
  2. No students can be dropped off in the South parking lot (student and staff parking area), or on the North lot (Junior High Side) at any time again this is for safety reasons.
  3. All school buses drop off High School students and Junior High students in the North lot.
  4. Keeping the vehicles and buses separate is for the safety of students.

Sainte Marie Elementary
  • We only have kindergarten shuttle buses that drop off at SME, those shuttle buses start loading at Newton Elementary at 8:05 on the north lot after all other buses are unloaded. If you are dropping off your kindergarten student at Newton Elementary to catch the shuttle to SME please have them dropped off by 8:00 so those shuttles can arrive on time. Those shuttle buses arrive to SME between 8:20 and 8:25 in the morning. We ask if you do transport your child to SME please do so before the buses arrive or after they leave. If you are there when the buses arrive please wait until they are gone before you let your student out. They ask that you do not drop off at SME before 8:15 in the morning.

PM (Dismissal) Time and School Bus Pick Up Procedures at NE, JCJH, NCHS and SME:

Newton Elementary; 3:25 Dismissal
  1. All buses load students on the North side (playground) and on Maxwell Street, the South side (flagpole).
  2. No vehicles are allowed on the North side (playground) at any time.
  3. No vehicles are allowed on Maxwell Street until all the buses are loaded and gone. Please do not park on Maxwell Street after 2:50 PM. Buses start to get in line shortly after that time.
  4. All buses will be leaving NE at 3:30 PM.

Jasper County Junior High/Newton Community High School; 3:10 Dismissal
  1. Buses line up and load in the circle drive on the East side and they also load on the North side in the parking lot.
  2. All vehicles must park on West End Avenue to pick up students.
  3. There are no vehicles allowed in the circle drive, in the South parking lot, or on the North lot. Students cannot be picked up in any of these locations during dismissal time.
  4. Buses start pulling out at 3:15 to go to NE.

Sainte Marie Elementary; 2:40 Dismissal
  1. All shuttle buses are there by 2:35. Kindergartners and Pre-K Students are loaded onto their shuttle buses.
  2. Buses start to pull away at 2:45.
  3. Two shuttle buses will go to Newton Elementary. Those students are the students that will be parent pick up or walkers. They will be dropped off on Maxwell street at the multi-purpose room doors between 2:55-3:00 PM.
  4. All vehicles/parents must wait on Charles Street or in the church parking lot until the shuttle buses pull away, then vehicles/parents may get in line to pick up your Pre-K/Kindergarten student. Please be courteous of other vehicles that are waiting, this whole transition can only take a few minutes if everyone is cooperative and patient. All students that are parent pick up must be picked up no later than 3:15 PM. Please do not park on Maxwell or Absher Street while you are waiting for the shuttle buses, there will not be enough room for our buses to get through. You will be asked to move.
  5. Please do not get out of your vehicle to come get your student. Pull up one vehicle at a time and the chaperones will bring your student to you.
  6. The best way to pick up your Pre-K/Kindergarten student is to pick them up at SME after the shuttle buses have left at 2:45.
  7. The other two shuttle buses will go to NCHS/JCJH where the students home bus driver will come get them off of the shuttle bus and take them to their home bus.