Jasper County Schools

Every day your child's school bus driver does a safety inspection (a.k.a. pre-trip) before they ever leave the school bus lot for their school bus route.

They look their bus over from top to bottom to make sure it is ready to transport our most valued asset--your kids. They check all fluid levels, belts, hoses, lights, tires, mirrors, windows, brakes, safety equipment, and the list goes on. If anything is found out of the ordinary or any equipment is found to be bad, they report it immediately to our Fleet Supervisor and or our Mechanics where they take care of it, or the driver is given a different bus until the issue at hand is resolved. No bus shall leave the lot that is not found safe.

There is so much more to the safe transport of your children than just completely checking over a bus and making sure it is mechanically safe, which comes back to the students and the parents of these students that ride a bus. If your child will follow these basic and simple rules this will aid in their safety.

  • Remain seated at all times while the bus is moving. Always face forward and stay off of the floor.
  • Stay out of the aisle. Keep all their possessions out of the aisle as well.
  • No drinks, food, candy, or gum is to be consumed while they are on the bus. If they have any of these items please keep them in their book bag.
  • Do not stick your hands or anything at any time out of the windows. Do not throw anything out of the windows; this is a safety issue for students and for other motorists.
  • While on the bus use quiet voices; when the bus approaches railroad tracks please do not talk so the driver can listen for trains approaching.
  • Please keep your hands to yourself at all times; no horseplay, and please respect everyone else’s possessions.
  • Anytime you are getting on or off the bus do what the driver tells you to do. The most dangerous place for your child is outside the bus.
  • When getting off the bus, get away, never come back for any reason.
  • When getting on the bus do not start to get on until the driver tells you it is safe.
  • Always listen to the driver. They have your best interest in mind.

Parents, please know you also have a very important role in the safe transportation of your children. The role you have is that we ask you to impress upon your children the importance of the rules as stated above, and how these rules are established for your child's safety and the safety of everyone aboard the school bus. Your help is greatly needed and greatly appreciated!! If we are all working together for the safety and well being of our kids this will be a great experience for everyone involved.

Finally, at the end of every trip our school bus drivers do a post-trip inspection. This means after they are completely unloaded they walk through the bus again, front to back, and make sure every student got off and that there are no problems that occurred to the bus while on the route.