Jasper County Schools Available Job Postings

Substitutes Needed

Hiring Process and Criteria

Thank you for your interest in working at Jasper County Schools! Serving 1,200 students and maintaining four campuses requires the work of over 190 dedicated employees. Located in rural southeastern Illinois, the community of Newton is located a short drive from two major interstates. Friendly neighborhoods and a progressive school system make Jasper County a great place to work, live and raise a family.

The District hires the most qualified personnel consistent with budget and staffing requirements and in compliance with School Board policy on equal employment opportunity and minority recruitment. The Superintendent is responsible for recruiting personnel and making hiring recommendations to the School Board. No individual will be employed who has been convicted of criminal offense listed in Section 5/21B-80 of the School Code.

All job candidates must complete a District employment application in order to be considered for employment. Applications, resumes and other relevant credentials may be mailed to the District Office or e-mailed to applications@jccu1.org


Benefits for new employees:

Classified Positions

  • Health Insurance - district pays for portion

  • District Life Insurance - district pays cost for $20,000

  • IMRF - employee pays 4.5%; district amount changes every year

  • 3 personal leave days that can accumulate to 4 - after that any days are added to sick leave

  • 10 sick leave days for 9 month people; after 10 years they get 12 sick leave days

  • 12 sick leave days for 12 month people; after 10 years they get 15 sick leave days

  • Sick leave accumulates to 300 days

  • Days not used are reported to IMRF for credit when they retire

  • 3 bereavement days are granted per occurrence for immediate family

  • 12 month employees get 10 vacation days for the first 10 years; after that, every other year another day is added until they reach 20 days; that is the maximum

Certified Positions

  • Health and life insurance are same as for classified

  • Personal leave is the same

  • 10 sick leave days for 10 years

  • 10-24 years of service to the district - 12 sick leave days

  • 25-29 years of verified TRS credit - 15 sick leave days

  • 30 years or more of verified TRS credit - 20 days

  • Sick leave accumulates to 300 days

  • Unused days are reported to TRS for credit when they retire

  • TRS - teachers pay 9.0% plus 1.12% for THIS

  • District pays NEC of .58% and THIS of .84%

  • These are set by TRS